• Family time

    April 09, 2012

    Hello there!

    I hope you all had a good holiday weekend! Whether you celebrated Passover or Easter, I hope you got to spend time with your family this weekend. My family celebrates Easter, and we have extended family come over on Easter Sunday every year. We have lots of traditions, but the one I love the most is our Easter egg battle.

    After everyone has found the eggs from our Easter egg hunt in the yard, we all sit down for brunch (a meal between breakfast and lunch) and pick out our favorite egg. Then, we battle! Two people hold their egg of choice in their hand and when someone says “Go!” they start tapping the other person’s egg to try to break the shell! The first person to crack the other person’s egg wins. They don’t really win anything except bragging rights, but it’s still really fun.

    I bet you have a special family tradition that you remember. Maybe it even happens before the holiday, when you are getting ready for it.

    Happy Monday!