• Girl Scouts Week

    March 07, 2012

    What’s up?

    Did you guys know that next week is Girl Scouts Week in the United States? I think being a scout rocks. You learn so much that you can use for the rest of your life! Are you a Girl Scout? If you are, I bet you have learned at least one thing that you’ll remember someday, right? I have learned how to organize fundraising events, which is really important and helpful knowledge. It’s a good skill to have because you have to make lists of things you need, talk to people you don’t know, direct people and tell them what you need help with.

    This year the Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary! You will be able to make your own 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts Bear at Build-A-Bear Workshop starting March 16. It’s so cute and it’s going to be very popular so be sure to get yours when they come out!

    Catch ya later!