• Best month evAH!

    February 15, 2012

    CELE-BEAR-ATE good times, COME ON!

    Hey party people!

    Wahoo! Today kicks off our yearlong Friends Count celebration! We’re celebrating over 100 million furry friends made AND our 15th birthday together – two VERY big accomplishments! But, as you know, Build-A-Bear Workshop celebrates a lot of things all year, every year.

    It’s important to celebrate accomplishments, whether they are big or small. There is a Bearism (a bear-ish quote or saying) about celebrating. It goes like this: Big or small, always cele-bear-ate your accomplishments. It means that even though it’s always great to celebrate big things, like graduating or winning the big game, it’s also important to recognize when you do great smaller things, like when you get an A on a test you studied really hard for or practicing piano every day for a month! So while it’s always good to work hard, it’s also good to recognize when you do good things. Enjoy it!

    Keep on partying, people!

    Peace out!