• Valentine's Day

    February 13, 2012

    Hi everyone,

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Do you have a Valentine yet? My dad usually asks me to be his Valentine, and he gets me a little box of chocolates and puts them on my plate at breakfast. They’re my favorite chocolates in the world! Most of them are dark chocolate. But he gets my mom milk chocolates because those are her favorite.

    Are you going to do anything at school for Valentine’s Day? My school usually has a little party where we eat cookies and pink juice and pass out our Valentines. I made mine out of all my craft stuff that I already had. Construction paper, glitter glue, markers, stickers, and some are even decoupage (that’s like a kind of clear glaze you paint over things to make them stick together and make them shiny).

    Hope you have an extra sweet Valentine’s Day!

    Talk to ya later!