• Happy Halloween!

    October 31, 2012

    Hello all you little goblins!

    I hope you stay safe if you are going trick-or-treating tonight! Be sure to stay with your group and adults at all times and bring some kind of flashlight so that you can see where you are walking. Also, don’t eat too much candy! (Tummy aches from candy are totally not fun. Believe me. I’ve made that mistake before.)

    I have a couple friends coming over to my house and so does my brother and we’re all going together. My parents walked through a map with me and they know exactly where we’re going, which is a really good idea if you are going without parents this year. They know about what time we should be home and will be waiting for us to walk in the door (probably because they want to check out our candy and eat it!).

    Be safe!




  • Haunted

    October 29, 2012

    Hi guys,

    My family and I finished decorating our front porch this weekend for Halloween trick-or-treaters. My brother made a scarecrow using old jeans, a plaid shirt, gloves, socks, shoes, a hat, and leaves he and my dad raked up from our yard. We put the scarecrow on a rocking chair and covered him in spooky cobwebs so it looks like he’s been sitting there for like, a really long time. Eeeee!

    Then, my mom and I put these black lights in our two front porch lights so that anything white will glow when the trick–or-treaters get up to the door! Including their teeth!

    We won’t be carving jack-o-lanterns until tomorrow because we don’t want them to get moldy. Then again, that would be extra fun and creepy if they were!

    Hope you have a furbulous Halloween!




  • Ha Ha Ha

    October 24, 2012

    Hi, readers!

    I have a lot of beary important and super fun stuff to tell you. So first, this weekend at every Build-A-Bear Workshop store, they are having their Kooky Spooky Bear Bash®! You know how much I love parties, and this one is one of my all-time faves because you get to come dressed in your Halloween costume! I know, right? Plus, they’ll have fun jokes and giveaways, so bring your friends to join in the fun.

    Okay, the second thing is that Halloween is next week, so if you haven’t figured out your costume already, I have a couple of really fun ideas that you could try. You could be a puppy in a box of puppies for sale. Just cut the top and bottom off a cardboard box big enough to fit around you, attach suspenders so it hangs over your shoulders (so you can walk around and get candy), and paint For Sale on the box. Use the leftover cardboard, maybe some construction paper, and paint to make a few puppy heads and attach them to the inside of the box so it looks like they are sitting in the box. Then give yourself puppy ears by attaching some felt ears to a headband and wear a brown shirt and have an adult help you paint some whiskers and a nose on your face. Then you’re a puppy in the box of puppies for sale!

    The other idea I had, that you can totally borrow, is to be a picnic. I know, you’re thinking, umm…what? But think about it, if you cut a hole in the middle of a tablecloth big enough for your head to fit through, like you’re wearing it, then all you’d have to do is (with an adult’s help, of course) attach a bunch of fake fruit, leftover (and cleaned out) juice boxes, paper plates, maybe some fake sandwiches from a dollar store. And BAM! You’re a picnic!

    See? You don’t have to do something everyone else is doing, just use your imagination and you’ll be able to come up with a really unique and cool idea for Halloween that no one else has thought of.

    Have fun, and be safe!




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