• Be Crafty!

    March 09, 2011

    Did you catch the latest episode of Craftshop? Dana showed us how to make a totally stylish tie-dye scarf! It was really fun! The best part about it was that it was so easy to do, and looks like something you’d buy in the stores. Except of course it was better because you get to make it whatever colors you want!

    If you haven’t seen how easy they are to make, then click on the Craftshop button on the home page and choose the Scarf episode. It’s really fun! So go ahead …Watch the vid, and make your own amazing craft!

    So, I was trying to decide what to do this weekend. Did I ever tell you how much I love to cook? Well I do! So, I’m thinking of inviting a couple of friends over and making lunch for everyone. It’s either gonna be tacos or homemade pizza.

    Stayed tuned!




  • Stylin!

    March 07, 2011

    You may already know this, but I just L-O-V-E  fashion. It really helps you show your personality in all sorts of ways. So, I have to let you in on one of my favorite NEW games in Bearville called “Bee a Stylist.” Change up your own look or help your friends get a new one in this all new game that’s sure to keep you stylin’ and smilin’! Check it out!

    Did you catch our first episode of Craftshop? It’s one of our brand new original programs on buildabearville.com. In this episode our Do-It-Yourself expert Dana showed us how to make a totally cool belt! It’s such an easy accessory that makes any outfit hip and unique. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to the second episode where we make another fun accessory!

    Well, time to get prepped for my next big celeb interview!

    See you later!




  • Welcome to Chloe's Blog!

    March 01, 2011

    Welcome to my NEW Blog.

    As you can see, we have a whole lot of exciting things happening at buildabearville.com™ right now. The website has a brand new look. (Doesn’t it look great?) And, I have my very own blog! How cool is that?!  

    So, if you wanna get to know me a LOT better and get the scoop on everything from the movies I can’t wait to see, songs I can’t stop singing, games I want to play and fashion trends I love to wear – then this is THE place for you!  

    Plus, I’ll give you behind-the-scenes exclusives on our cool new original shows! 

    Check back soon! TTYL 


    P.S. Don’t forget to take this week’s poll about Spring Break! I want to hear from YOU!