• Wave that flag!

    June 13, 2011

    Hi guys,

    Tomorrow is Flag Day in the US! We celebrate Flag Day every year – it’s the anniversary of when we adopted the American flag in 1777. So, this will be the 234th anniversary of old glory! (That’s what some people call our flag.) I know you might not really know what to do with an American flag, so here are some tips if you want to display your flag (which would be awesome!).

    Always do your best not to let it touch the ground and when you put it away don’t crumple it up, have someone help you fold it neatly. If you leave it up at night, make sure you have a light on it so it’s not in the dark. And whenever you do the pledge of allegiance or sing the national anthem you can put your hand over your heart to show your respect. Happy Flag Day!




  • Friends are like gold!

    June 08, 2011

    Friends are like gold!

    Pink Hello Kitty® comes out in stores this weekend and I’m so excited. I already have the classic white Hello Kitty so Pink Hello Kitty will be the perfect colorful addition to my collection. I love her because she is so trendy and not afraid to be herself. She has tons of friends because she is always meeting new people – that’s so cool. Who knows? She might become your friend someday!

    Meeting new people can be scary sometimes, but I think it’s important to try new things. I’ve learned that usually other people are just as afraid to say hello as I am. So now I just take a deep breath and walk over and say hello. It’s an easy way to make new people feel more comfortable. In the end, like Hello Kitty says, “You can never have too many friends!”

    Talk to ya later!




  • Testing, testing…

    June 06, 2011

    Hey guys!

    This week I have a math final at school that I’m a little worried about. To be honest, it’s not my favorite subject. But the test isn’t until Friday – which is my last day of school! At least I have all week to study for it. And I’m super lucky because my dad is a math whiz. When I’m done with my practice tests he can help me with the questions I get wrong. I’m not excited about this test, but I’m sure I’ll be fine if I study hard. And then I’ll be out for the summer!

    Speaking of tests, there is a quiz YOU can take later this week at Bearville™! (And it’s way better than Math, I promise.) So we all know how important it is to stay safe when we’re playing online, right? Even though you might think you know everything about internet safety, you might wanna go see Pawlette Coufur™ and test your knowledge with her Internet Safety Quiz. See if you can get 100%!

    Good luck!