• Time capsule

    February 22, 2012

    What’s up?

    Thanks for all your great ideas! Lots of people suggested I make a time capsule to help me remember this awesome month, and I think that’s a great idea! I’m planning to use a glass jar with a metal lid so that it will last a long time once I bury it. I’ll collect some trinkets that remind me of what my year has been like so far, and I’ll put little notes on them so that I remember why I added them later. I’ll even write a letter to myself in the future!

    I have to talk to my dad to get permission for where I can bury it in the yard. And I’ll definitely have my parents help me with that part. If it’s too cold, I might hide it in the very back of my closet. If you made a time capsule, what kind of items would you add? I can’t wait to dig it up in FOUR years. I just hope I can wait that long!

    Catch ya later!




  • More cele-bear-ations!

    February 20, 2012

    Hello there!

    Today, in the US, we celebrate George Washington’s birthday. It’s also sometimes called President’s Day. When the US government started celebrating our first president’s birthday, it was the first time the government honored an American citizen! It’s very close to Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, which is February 12. It’s also Black History Month! There are just so many cool things that happen in February!

    I think I also mentioned this before, but February is also the shortest month of the year, even in Leap Years! And yes, this year is a Leap Year. Normally this month is only 28 days long, but Leap Year adds a day making it 29 days long. I’ll have to find a cool thing to do this month so I can remember it forever!

    Hmm…Got any ideas?




  • Best month evAH!

    February 15, 2012

    CELE-BEAR-ATE good times, COME ON!

    Hey party people!

    Wahoo! Today kicks off our yearlong Friends Count celebration! We’re celebrating over 100 million furry friends made AND our 15th birthday together – two VERY big accomplishments! But, as you know, Build-A-Bear Workshop celebrates a lot of things all year, every year.

    It’s important to celebrate accomplishments, whether they are big or small. There is a Bearism (a bear-ish quote or saying) about celebrating. It goes like this: Big or small, always cele-bear-ate your accomplishments. It means that even though it’s always great to celebrate big things, like graduating or winning the big game, it’s also important to recognize when you do great smaller things, like when you get an A on a test you studied really hard for or practicing piano every day for a month! So while it’s always good to work hard, it’s also good to recognize when you do good things. Enjoy it!

    Keep on partying, people!

    Peace out!




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